AirData Multimeter

AirData Multimeter

The ADM-870C from Shortridge Instruments is a versatile instrument used in Air Testing and Balancing that performs the following essential functions:

It can read English and metric units.


The VelGrid is a 12" square, 16 point, face velocity grid for coil, filter, fume hood and clean room testing. The VelGrid is an accessory especially designed for use in the measurement of general face velocity conditions such as exhaust hoods, HEPA clean room filter outlets, laminar flow work stations, and large filters and coils. Each reading represents the input of 16 velocity points over a one-square foot area.

Pitot Tube & AirFoil

Pitot Tube and AirFoil are accessories used to measure air velocity in the duct. We have 18”, 36”, 48”and 60” length pitot tubes covering all duct sizes.

FlowHood System

This unit ( Fow-Hood 8400 series) measures air flow and may compensate for density and backpressure effects, allowing direct air flow readings in cubic feet per minute (cfm) and litres per second (L/s) corrected for local air density. The measurement range is 25-2500 cfm supply and 25-1500 cfm exhaust. Accuracy is ±3% of reading ±7 cfm from 100 to 2000 cfm.

Hand held rotating vane Anemometer

Anemometer LCA6000VT is used for measuring the average air velocity at the face supply or return air grilles. The air velocity is displayed digitally and the reading is held as long as the button remains depressed.

Velocity range 0.25 to 30 m/sec or 50 to 6000 ft/min. Accuracy ±1% of reading ± 1 digit

Differential pressure meter DPM 490

DPM 490 digital manometer used for Hydronic Balance is a versatile hand-held operated manometer for positive or positive differential pressure measurement and can tolerate most liquid media compatible with 316LSS.Range of reading is 0-100 psi, and accuracy ±0.5% F.S.

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